About Us

The Seam is an interdisciplinary group of artists with a shared creative practice. Working together allows us to investigate an emergent process, with a focus on relational art making. This leads to various artistic outcomes across drawing, installation and collaborative projects.

We have worked with others across areas of performance, music, puppetry, film, art therapy and social enterprise. Many of our artworks are participative and explore shared experience. Our site-responsive installations invite viewers to engage in a multi-sensory space.

The Seam formed in 2011 and are based in Melbourne. Behind The Seam are Liz Francis, Alicia Stafford, Nikita Burt and Mardi Thorpe.

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Liz Francis

Liz Francis is an artist most often making drawings, paintings and installations. Often playful and explorative, her practice seeks to make tangible our responsive nature and the innate processes of experience. 

Liz’s art practice is informed by a background in community and environmental explorations. She holds a Diploma of Contemporary Visual Art (Centre of Adult Education) and a Graduate Diploma in Creative and Experiential Arts Practice (MIECAT).

Alicia Stafford

Alicia Stafford works across a range of media including textile installation, painting and film. She is drawn to the process of collaborative creation and using multi-modal arts to bring attention to the intersubjective space between participants in a shared environment. Her individual work explores themes of hidden worlds and altered natural forms.

Alicia has a background in art department for film and television. She has studied contemporary visual art, holds a BA in Media Studies (RMIT) and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT).

Nikita Burt

Nikita is a visual artist working across installation, sculpture and drawing. Her process oriented practice is often introspective, referencing lived experiences and remembered actions. She is interested in slowing down the relationship we have with our environments, and representing the intangible, the felt, and the invisible.

As an artist for Kids Own Publishing, and a Creative Arts Practitioner within the mental health field, Nikita is led by co-inquiry and collaborative art making processes which offer gentle, emergent ways of knowing, caring and being in the world.

Mardi Thorpe

Mardi is a creative-arts practitioner, with over ten years experience working with young people. She uses art as a way of connecting, creating, teaching and facilitating expression and growth.

A graduate of Monash University with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Mardi is a skilled photographer who features in various arts and music publications. Mardi’s interest in art as a means of creative expression and as a way of working with people, has inspired her post graduate exploration at The Melbourne Institute of Experiential and Creative Arts Therapies (Masters).

photo by Joanna Francis